Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hyper-V went RTM (early, late,does anyone remember?)

For any of you following Hyper-V this is all over the blog space - I am not breaking any news here.

You can find the update here:

Upgrading from Beta or RC0 or RC1:

If you have any VMs with a saved state be sure to remove that saved state prior to upgrading the Host.

  • This is any VM with a saved memory state
  • A VM currently in “Saved”
  • A VM that had an online snapshot taken – while the VM was running
  • Delete the online snapshot (from the Hyper-V Manager), power down the VM, wait for the snapshot merge process to complete.

Cleanly shutdown all VMs prior to upgrade of the Host

  • Not cleanly shutting down a VM will cause the Host to place the VM into a saved state by default, thus creating the risky condition above.

You can patch the WS08 guests prior to upgrading the Host

  • Just power them down instead of re-booting

Be sure to upgrade the Integration Services in all children

  • Simply open a console connection to the VM, login, choose Actions -> insert Integration Services disk and allow the upgrade to happen.
  • If the new device wizard appears in the VM, it will prevent the Integration Services from being upgraded
  • Just cancel the new device wizard within the VM

Using SCVMM 2008 Beta:

To this moment the VMM team has reported no issues with the Hyper-V RTM when the SCVMM Hyper-V RC1 patch has been installed. (your mileage my vary)

To obtain the SCVMM Beta Hyper-V RC1 Compatibility patch:

When installing the patch, have some patience – it will cause strange things to happen until you push new agents onto each managed host (after the host is raised to Hyper-V RC1) and the Hyper-V RC1 patch must be applied to the SCVMM Server (in addition to the SCVMM patch).

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