Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Citrix Kensho releases 1.3

After what seems like months of work (pretty close), version 1.3 of Citrix Project Kensho releases with enhanced OVF capabilities.

Some of you are aware that Project Kensho is the Citrix set of tools that have been developed at Citrix Labs, in Redmond, WA.

Support for creating and consuming OVF content from XenServer, Hyper-V (v1 and R2), and consumption of VMware OVF packages are the major features.

There were a few technical hurdles along the way – not to mention adding OVF support into XenConvert with the 2.0 release.

You can find out more about it here:

All that I ask is that you download, use it, and report back to the forums.  Hopefully, no one finds an issue that I don’t already know about ;-)



Anonymous said...

Hyperlink is dead. Is there a new hyperlink for Kensho, or replacement for Kensho?

BrianEh said...

This should take you straight to the download form : https://podio.com/webforms/3536142/270950

I find it interesting that folks continue to find it through search, Citrix has pretty much removed all links to it.

But it is still downloaded and used.