Monday, July 12, 2010

Visual Studio ALM Test Agent setup in a nutshell

I am working through a distributed installation of the Test Agents (with Test Controllers) for Visual Studio 2010 and boiled down the configuration gotchas into this nutshell:

(I assume that anyone can run an installation wizard, why walkthrough that..)

Two Modes:

1) Service

a. Supports automated testing

2) Interactive Process

a. Supports video capture

b. Supports coded UI

c. Supports automated testing


1) The user account that is used to run tests must have been logged on locally to the console of the machine – thus forcing a user profile to be created.

2) When registering an Agent to a Controller the logged on user who is running the configuration tool must be an administrator on both the Agent machine and the Controller machine.

a. Use a domain user account assigned to the local administrators security group

b. Use a local user account that is identical in username and password on both the Controller and Agent machines assigned to the local administrators security group.

3) The account that the Test Agent is configured to run as requires membership in the local administrators security group of the Test Agent machine when:

a. IntelliTrace or Network Emulation is used.

b. When the operating system of the Agent machine has UAC enabled.

4) Installation of the Test Agent on Windows XP does not include the Performance collection agents.

5) When configuring the Test Agent the Agent “run as” account is automatically added to the TeamTestAgentService security group of the Test Controller machine.

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