Wednesday, March 14, 2012

James Whittaker is back at Microsoft

For those of you not in the software testing circles this might not mean much to you.

James Whittaker is one of the pre-eminent folks in the field of software testing. 

It was sad a couple years ago when he suddenly left Microsoft for Google.  And interestingly enough he is back at Microsoft.

Most test folks are outspoken and critical.  Maybe that is what makes a good tester(?)  We call it as it is, trying to be accurate and factual.

There was one classic blog article that James wrote that I always loved and still see the symptoms of all over the world of software:

The title speaks for itself.

If you are interested, James has a new blog and he opens right up with a post critical of Google:

If you didn’t notice his blog names; back in the day is was JW_On_Test and today it is JW_On_Tech.

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