Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hyper-V + SCVMM + XenDesktop

A lot of people don't realize that Citrix XenDesktop supports more than XenServer as a backend.

In fact, it will support any backend infrastructure (or infrastructure-less) environment that has a plug-in. XenDesktop ships with plug-ins for XenServer (of course), SCVMM, and Virtual Center.

Since most folks don't know that SCVMM support is available I took some time to put a little something together. I even have my VMs running on Hyper-V.

One caveot, your XenDesktop Desktop Delivery Controller Server must be 32-bit.


Barry said...

Nice job Brian. I have poosted this to teh Official Citrix Blog as part of the XenDesktop Tipc cotnest. I plan to post the poll vote for the contest by Friday.

Barry Flanagan

Barry said...

Wow, that was alot of typos. Guess I shouldn't try to post a comment and talk on the phone at the same time.

digg1980 said...


Is Hyper-V SCVMM 2008 really going to be delayed? Is what one of the blogger left on the blog at anything or its just a rumor. Will Microsoft offer any special support for the period of the delay? Please confirm.


BrianEh said...

From what I have seen that has been publically stated, there is no delay. But then 'delay' in the software world is a loaded term.

The best estimate has been early Q4. However the target date has not budged. Stating 'early Q4' instead of 'late Q3' just provides a bit of wiggle room for MSFT.

There are also a bunch of changes and fixes between the beta and the final.

As far as support because of the delay? I can't recall a case where this has happened in the past, which would set the precedent.