Monday, June 2, 2008

Remotely managing Server Core using compmgmt.msc

We all have those days when we want a nice graphical view of a Windows server so we can quickly compare installations, we can't remember the command line syntax properly, or (as some CLI zealots would put it) we just want a nice lazy interface.

Well, if you try to connect to Server Core - we all have run into the standard firewall rule of enabling Remote Management on Server Core. Well...this is just a portion of the picture.

What if you want to bring a disk volume on-line (this is what brought me to this in the first place), and you don't want to type and then take it back off-line. (darn it, I want my right click - I want to do this relatively quickly, and I don't want to fish around for the CLI commands).

My Google-fu was working well this morning and I found an excellent posting by Sander Berkouwer about getting all the rules and settings right to remotely administer a Server Core WS08 install using the Computer Management MMC snap-in.

Here it is:

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