Thursday, April 16, 2009

Migrating CentOS from VMWare ESX to XenServer

Repairing CentOS virtual machines after migration

After import:  the experience of CentOS is identical to RedHat. In fact, if you watch the boot screen closely, you will notice the words “Red Hat” during the boot sequence.

I have outlined the process below.

CentOS boots, detects new hardware, and installs new device drivers. Nothing else needs to be done.

If VMware Tools was installed within the virtual machine then the following X server error will be seen.

The X Windows server will fail to start due to new video devices being detected. This is because of custom video devices and drivers that depended on the underlying VMware host. The system will prompt the user to repair the X server. If the user accepts the automated repair, X Windows will be functioning properly.


Selecting Yes presents diagnosis screens, that might be helpful for those proficient with Linux.

Selecting No skips the diagnosis screens and begins repairing XWindows.


Select Yes to begin repair.


Enter the password for the Root user account.

CentOS begins the process of hardware redetection and configuration of X Windows.

A new settings dialog box is presented.


Click OK to accept a known working configuration.


Acknowledge the information box.


Select Enter to accept the dialog that the configuration has completed.

At this time X Windows restarts and you are able to logon to the graphical desktop.

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