Friday, April 24, 2009

To Glom or not to Glom is a taskbar option

This has to be one of the most interestingly named Registry keys that I have come across yet.


What is this?

Interestingly enough, this the key that sits behind the “Group similar taskbar buttons” settings of the taskbar.

The reason that I bring this up, is that it is an interesting statement on USA slang expressions.

Most of use are used to using the term ‘glom’ or ‘to glom’ to describe the act of ‘hanging on to’. 

Like that girlfriend you had in High School that just would not give any personal space and demanded to be hanging off of you at all times possible.

Interestingly enough, no one has entered this word into Wikipedia yet. has an interesting definition that fits well though:

glom - seize upon or latch onto something

Obviously when you set the Registry key “TaskbarGlomming” to true you cause all of the like programs to glom upon each other.

Just caught me as humorous today.

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