Wednesday, August 26, 2009

KMS Client Setup Keys

I always have the hardest time searching for this each time I need it again.
Vista and above (Vista, Server 2008 and higher) have this wonderful KMS licensing system.  That is all fine and dandy.
During installation and creation of virtual machines, I frequently run into situations where I must provide a product key either during installation or for the sysprep process to allow mini-setup to complete.
I don’t want the recipients of my virtual machines to have to input a personal product key as we run KMS – I want that to all happen silently in the background.
Today, I had to go searching all over again – 30 minutes later I finally find the magic combination of search phrases that get me where I needed to go.
I actually did a search that I knew would take me to a TechNet forum post that I made in the past, that I knew had the answer in it.  Basically, searching for my own answer that I had not used in such a long time that I couldn’t even recall the ‘proper’ title for it.
Both Google and Bing failed me until I decided to go looking for my own forum post.
The link to the Volume Activation 2.0 Deployment Guide – KMS Client Setup Keys

The Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 Setup keys:

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