Wednesday, March 23, 2011

SCVMM 2012 beta with XenServer support

The SCVMM 2012 beta was announced at MMS.  Go pick it up here:

Now, I will warn you.  This is a big update. Not just some little incremental update.  It includes some new ways of thinking about your data center.  And it includes a lot of “cloud” type words and ways of thinking.

I consider this update a paradigm shift in the VMM world.  A big change in thinking, automation, abstraction, packaging, and delivering.

It also includes support for managing XenServer.  This is a feature that is near and dear to me.  There is a supplimental pack that is required for your XenServers which can be obtained from here:

This gives the ability to deploy too and manage XenServer.  You still need to setup your environment using xe or XenCenter (no different than Hyper-V) – but you can control and manage VMs with SCVMM.

Other MSFT folks have mentioned the other big paradigm changes, so I won’t cover them here.

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