Thursday, October 27, 2011

Editing a web.config using PowerShell–adding a node method 2

InnerXML is your friend to add a bunch of XML quickly.

The bit of XML that I want to add to my web.config is:

<location path="FederationMetadata">
            <allow users="*" />

The super duper easy way is to simply dump in your XML as text.

Begin by reading in your XML file (just as in the previous posts).

$path = (( Get-Website | where {$_.Name -match ($role.Id)} ).PhysicalPath + "\Mine\Site\web.config")
$file = get-item -path $path

# Get the content of the config file and cast it to XML to easily find and modify settings.

$xml = [xml](get-content $file)

Create the new element object.

$idModel = $xml.CreateElement("microsoft.identityModel")

Add the attribute


Populate it with the XML text.

        <allow users="*" />


Save it back.


All done.  Super simple, very little tree hopping.

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