Friday, May 18, 2012

Server 2012 Core and SCVMM 2012 SP1

I recently ran across an interesting tidbit related to Server Core and SCVMM 2012 SP1 CTP.

For SCVMM to push its agent to the Hyper-V Server there is a need for the hidden share to be present.

Well, I had installed Server 2012 Core, and joined it to my domain. 

Then I went to SCVMM and tried to add the host.  Nope, failure.  And the error code indicated that the hidden admin share was not available.

Here is the error:

Error (415)
Agent installation failed copying C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012\Virtual Machine Manager\agents\I386\3.1.1042.0\msiInstaller.exe to \\bjelks5.brianeh.local\ADMIN$\msiInstaller.exe.
The network path was not found

Recommended Action
1. Ensure bjelks5.brianeh.local is online and not blocked by a firewall.
2. Ensure that file and printer sharing is enabled on bjelks5.brianeh.local and it not blocked by a firewall.
3. Ensure that there is sufficient free space on the system volume.
4. Verify that the ADMIN$ share on bjelks5.brianeh.local exists. If the ADMIN$ share does not exist, reboot bjelks5.brianeh.local and then try the operation again.

Warning (10444)
The VMM management server was unable to impersonate the supplied credentials.

Recommended Action
To add a host in a disjointed domain namespace, ensure that the credentials are valid and of a domain account. In addition, the SCVMMService must run as the local system account or a domain account with sufficient privileges to be able to impersonate other users.

Like a good Server 2012 inductee I started PowerShell and typed Get-SMBShare – and out came the hidden admin share, so I thought, all good.  Nope.

I rebooted. Nope.

Must be Firewall related.  Time for more PowerShell.

To find all the firewall related cmdlets:  Get-Command *NetFirewall*

Great, lets take a look at the Rules, I am familiar with those.

Get-NetFirewallRule –enabled true

Hmm.. Lots there.  But when I did the same on the SCVMM Server I had a slightly different list.  I wonder if there is a dependency on the Rules that begin with “FileServer”.

I played around with Set-NetFirewallRule and various ways to enable rules.

I will tell you what, these cmdlets are not very friendly.  Lots if CIM errors back.  Lots of verbose strings.

In the end I fixed it but I cheated because I could not use wildcards to enable a Group.  Instead I added the FileServer role (the base one) and that resolved the problem – I have noticed this is enabled on the Full / GUI version of Server 2012 all the time and it would be very ‘Core’ for it to be off.

Install-WindowsFeature FS-Fileserver

That fixed it.  And enabled SCVMM to push its agents.

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