Thursday, May 10, 2012

Works on MY cloud

For the current shift to the ‘cloud’ I have found it necessary to update the classic “works on my computer” badge.  (I have been threatening to do this for a long time)

Many of us in the software business are very familiar with the classic response to a bug of:  “No Repro” or “Not Reproducible”

There are many reasons for these types of answers, but the most common is that I am not the developer and I am not running the software on his machines or in the same way that she did.  This resulted in the classic “works on my machine”:


For the cloud era these applications are generally part of a large distributed system and that is what we are testing – many moving parts, many roles, many different systems.  Errors happen all over the place.  And everything is now a cloud.

So, my proposal has been to update the classic badge of jest to the cloud era and the “Works on my cloud” is born:


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