Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SCVMM Service Template for the first DC in a Forest – the bits

So here goes nothing.  Why not hand it over just to see how this Service Template Export and Import process really works.

In theory, you simply download my Service Template and then Import it.  It will give you the custom application resource folder and the scripts.

You need to bring the Server 2012 evaluation VHD image and place it in your Library.

Be sure to hook your logical network settings, connect to the VHD image.

When you configure your deployment you should have to fill in the domain FQDN, NetBIOS name, and recovery password.  Then click go. 

That is the theory.

Why not give it a go?

I ask one thing though, if you download and try – can you please leave comments and feedback about the experience.



BATCH Script Domain Controller Service Template

PowerShell Script Domain Controller Service Template


Anonymous said...

How do you connect hyper-v internal network to the internet

BrianEh said...

you build a router / gateway vm with one nic in the internal switch and one nic on an external switch.

some folks add RRAS to the hyper-v management os (as long a it isn't hyper-v server).