Thursday, March 27, 2014

Domain join credential formatting for Windows Azure Pack Gallery Items

I normally don’t blog about something that I consider to be a bug, but in this case the failure behavior is difficult to piece together so I thought I would.

Windows Azure Pack Gallery items have the ability to have multiple credentials defined within them.  And these are used for various actions within the application scripts that are defined within the Gallery Item.

There are two credentials are are essentially ‘built in’ – the local administrator and the domain join user.

If you use the VM Role Author – these credentials are defined automatically.  If you spend time playing around with the WAP Tenant API – you will see that these credentials are labeled as ‘intrinsic’ settings on the object.

The local administrator account you cannot avoid – this sets the local administrator password on the VM and it is required by WAP.  The user ‘administrator’ is grayed out, so you have to set the password for the local administrator.

The domain join user is something you cannot avoid if you define that your VM will join a domain.

Your Gallery Item can have additional user credentials as well.  Say a special one that is used to configure an application, or you have a script that adds a user to the local administrators group, or you need to perform some action against a remote SQL Server and need the proper user credentials.

Now – defining user accounts – there are two format options:  domain\username and username@domain.

Well guess what – for the domain join username, you can only use the domain\username format.  If you attempt to use username@domain you will see that the The provisioning of the VM fails. 

The failure message in the SCVMM job log is:

Warning (22044)

One or more virtual machines have failed during customization during the deployment of the service.

Nothing is clear until I look at the unattended.xml that is generated by the SCVMM deployment process to apply to the VM.

The one that works is:









The one that fails is:



                    <Domain xsi:nil="true" />




Does this error also apply if a user types the username@domain format in the GUI for the domain join credential when deploying my Gallery Item?  I just tried it – the username@domain format also fails in the GUI. 

Now, I mentioned other credentials – not the ‘special’ credential that is the domain join user.  Can these credentials be defined using username@domain?  Yes, yes they can.  Those credentials can be defined using either format.

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