Wednesday, August 28, 2013

PowerShell to test if a network connection is up and on the domain

If you have noticed I have been spending a lot of time working with deployments, deploying, and scripting configurations.
In fact, I have spent nearly two years, off and on, working on this in various ways and permutations from Windows Azure VMRole (the now dead non-persistent one) to SCVMM Service Templates.
The thing that makes this type of scripting unique is that the scripts are executed within the OS of the VM, not externally from some manager that uses a PowerShell remoting session or the like.
This means that each script has no knowledge of anything beyond the boundaries of the OS where the script is running.
Now, I assume that many of you are aware of the Hyper-V Synthetic Nic, and that the Synthetic NIC driver comes to life later in the boot process (not in 2012 R2 generation 2 VMs, but that is different).
The problem is one of timing.  Your script could be running prior to your network being awake an functional.
Here is a little script that I use to test my domain joined machines prior to continuing when I have a need for domain connectivity (such as executing a command using a domain credential).

Do { $upTest = ( Get-NetConnectionProfile | where {$_.IPv4Connectivity -ne "NoTraffic"} ) } until( $upTest.NetworkCategory -eq "DomainAuthenticated" )
If you want to take this to the next level and identify the IP address and physical NIC (say you have multiple NICs and you need to bind to the IP of the domain NIC or the NIC itself in some configuration.

$mgmtNetProfile = Get-NetConnectionProfile | where {$_.NetworkCategory -eq "DomainAuthenticated" }  # Assuming only one NIC is domain joined.
$mgmtNetIpAddress = Get-NetIPAddress -InterfaceIndex $mgmtNetProfile.InterfaceIndex -AddressFamily IPv4

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