Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Enabling Network Virtualization using SCVMM Run Script Command

So, if you are in the Fabric node of SCVMM 2012 SP1 you might happen to right click on a Hyper-V Server and notice the option “Run Script Command”.

This is great, it lest me push commands out to my Hyper-V Servers and run them, just like I do with Application Scripts in Service Templates.

I recently ran into a situation where I needed to enable the Network Virtualization binding on all of my Hyper-V Servers (seven of them).  And I had no desire to open a PSSession to each and run my script block that enables it.

Since I discovered this Script Command option in SCVMM, why not use it, I am here.

Like any good SCVMM admin I defined the command and then looked at the PowerShell script behind it.

(The big problem here is that I don’t see a way to save these Script Commands and run them again.  Big fail there.)

I then took that script and made it a bit more useful to me by getting all of my Hyper-V hosts and running my command on all of them at the same time.

And I figured that ‘why not’ this is the one step that all the SCVMM Network Virtualization setup is missing.  Frankly, I would expect SCVMM just to do this for me, but alas SP1 does not.

Here is my execution:

import-module virtualmachinemanager

$scriptSetting = New-SCScriptCommandSetting

Set-SCScriptCommandSetting -ScriptCommandSetting $scriptSetting -WorkingDirectory "" -PersistStandardOutputPath "" -PersistStandardErrorPath "" -MatchStandardOutput "" -MatchStandardError ".+" -MatchExitCode "[1-9][0-9]*" -FailOnMatch -RestartOnRetry $false -AlwaysReboot $false -MatchRebootExitCode "" -RestartScriptOnExitCodeReboot $false

$RunAsAccount = Get-SCRunAsAccount -Name "DomainAdmin"

$VMHosts = Get-SCVMHost | where { $_.VirtualizationPlatform -eq "HyperV" }

$scriptBlock = {

   $vSwitch = Get-VMSwitch -SwitchType External

   ForEach-Object -InputObject $vSwitch {

      if ((Get-NetAdapterBinding -ComponentID "ms_netwnv" -InterfaceDescription $_.NetAdapterInterfaceDescription).Enabled -eq $false){

         Enable-NetAdapterBinding -InterfaceDescription $_.NetAdapterInterfaceDescription -ComponentID "ms_netwnv"




ForEach ($VMHost in $VMHosts) {

   Invoke-SCScriptCommand -Executable "%WINDIR%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\PowerShell.exe" -TimeoutSeconds 120 -CommandParameters "-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -command $scriptBlock" -VMHost $VMHost -ScriptCommandSetting $scriptSetting -RunAsAccount $RunAsAccount


Be sure to have the SCVMM Console installed, and modify your RunAs account name.

That Set-SCScriptCommandSetting line is all about the error handling for the script.  The only non-default setting I have in here is making sure that my hypervisors were not rebooted, no matter what happened.

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